Land Clearing

Land Clearing Near You

We offer land clearing in the form of under brushing for all types of properties. From commercial to residential, we can help you prepare a heavily wooded and palm covered lot for a new build. Or, call us to clear an overgrown section of your property and open up new landscaping space while preserving the native trees and bushes that help your property thrive.

Benefits of Land Clearing & Brush Clearing

  • Improve the soil for your new yard
  • Help control erosion that happens even after a hard rain
  • New landscape and usable areas
  • Conserve native trees and plants that help the environment
  • Save time and money
  • NO HEAVY MACHINERY tearing up your already landscaped property

Ground Clearing

As mentioned above, under brushing does not usually require a giant excavator and super heavy machinery to enter and exit your property. This is especially important when trying to expand an already active and landscaped area.

Save yourself a lot of time and extra expenses by hiring a local company like Devine Land Management to clear out a new section of your property. We are known for being on time and staying within budget.

We offer free quotes. So if you’re shopping around call or email us today for a competitive estimate!

Land Clearing for Code Enforcement

With the year round warm weather here in East Central Florida some of the more invasive (a lot of the time non-native) shrubs and bushes can take over a large part of your property in a short amount of time. If you have been hit with a code enforcement notice from your HOA or city, call Devine Land Management to get your property back up to code quickly. Do not wait and incur fines, we can get there before you pay the city for nothing!

*Mulches trees up to 6″ in diameter for more information please contact us for a free estimate!