Grading & Dirt Work

Grading & Dirt Work

Devine Land Management offers grading and dirt work services such as:

  • Grading for sod prep
  • Fill Dirt
  • Drainage
  • Pond Sloping
  • Ditch Cleaning
  • Water Retention

Investing in your Land

Devine Land Management offers the delivery and spreading of fill dirt in the low areas of your property. These areas often hold water making it difficult for the home owner to maintain. After the fill dirt is spread and graded your natural vegetation will grow or we can prep the area for new sod.

By providing proper drainage you can prevent standing water and flooding during the wet season.

It is important to keep a clean and well maintained ditch line to prevent flooding and erosion.

Pond clean up and sloping offers an easier way to maintain your property for years to come.

Sloping the yard of a new build
Driveway Install
Roughly 40 loads of fill dirt left over from a pond dig, moved and graded to correct drainage issues on the property.